day 10: “Mission Impossible” in Florina!


The big day finally came!!! We were all very excited when we got on the bus that was going to take us all the way down to Florina for our big final event!

After all these days of working together to create something that would raise the awareness of the people against poverty, it was time to present our work! Workshops, games for the children, a flash mob, informational activities… everything was included!!!

We were also online, with live feeds. You can watch the videos at:

For the rest, let’s just let the pictures speak for themselves!

Many thanks to CTP for giving us the chance to live this great experience!!!

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day 9: Preparation for our “Mission Impossible” in Florina!


With just one day left, we spent the entire 9th day, preparing for our “Mission Impossible” in Florina!

Workshops, games for the children, flash mobs etc… everything was on our schedule!

We all worked very hard in order to have everything ready for our big event!

Our evening was free, so that we could rest and enjoy the magnificent “blue moon”, the second full moon of August!!!Image


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day 8: CTP box and Olympic Games



We were lucky and could sleep a bit longer this morning. We all needed that to be fresh again. Our 8th day was planned for 2 main activities. Firstly, in the afternoon we visited 4 different villages in Prespa, nearby Laimos to play games with children and youth there and discuss about poverty. And the evening was planned for Olympic Games of Prespa! 😛
The afternoon with children was great! For many years now, two times per week, the EVS volunteers of CTP ( are visiting the villages of Prespa and organise games and activities with the children– this is called CTP Box. This time it was even more interesting because bunch of foreigners from different countries joined in – which mean US! We played games like bottle bowling, did crosswords, gave them handmade gifts and invited them to join us on Saturday during Mission Impossible action.

After dinner, at around 21:30 it was time for some Olympics! It was not like the ones we know! We had prepared 5-6 six indoor and outdoor games, like twister, karaoke, chair game with music, chest… Boys also competed in 100m running and arm wrestling. Many young people from Prespa joined us and we had a lot of fun together! The last ones of us got to bed around 4 in the morning. Great success! Just look at the photos 😛

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day 7: Call to UNDP and preparation of our “Mission Impossible”


Wednesday was the big day! Our Skype meeting with a representative of the United Nations Development Programme! After a small session about what UNDP is and does, we all gathered to prepare the questions we wanted to ask Mrs Renata Nowak-Garmer, Research Analyst, Poverty Reduction Network, UNDP.

After making a list of questions, we all reviewed them together and chose the final ones.

Our Skype meeting was not until 17.00, so after the lunch break, the coordinators divided the participants in different groups –flash mob, children activities, 3R workshops and marketing/campaigning, and we started to prepare our “Mission Impossible”.

Unfortunately, right before 17.00, there was a power cut, due to a fire that broke out in the region… We were all afraid that we were going to miss our Skype meeting… Thankfully, the power came back one hour later and Mrs Nowak-Garmer was nice enough to agree to speak with us then.

The meeting started with a presentation by Mrs Nowak-Gar on what the UNDP does in general as well as to try to combat extreme poverty, its cooperation with the governments of the countries where it is involved, as well as how a person can be directly involved in UNDP’s work (internships, UN volunteers, etc). After the presentation, it was time for our questions.

After the Skype meeting, Sofia Zouzeli, a journalist from Florina, came to the library to speak to us about media campaigning methods and to create with us a radio-spot for our “Mission Impossible” event in Florina.

As we were all very tired by all the events of the day, the coordinators decided that we deserved a free evening 🙂 

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day 6: Sightseeing in Prespa and Pool Party


Another day of our young exchange started! A day full of with activities and fun.

After breakfast, we all gathered in front of  the Library, where a bus was waiting to take us for a trip to Psarades, together with Giannis Kazoglou, our guide and representative of the municipality. After a small stop in front of Patoulideio, the municipal gym, and an explanation of the region’s agriculture, we went to Psarades, where we enjoyed a small walk to Roti, from where the visitors have a great view of all three countries surrounding the Prespa Lakes, Greece, FYROM and Albania. The view was simply amazing!

After the morning activity, we had lunch and some rest. In the afternoon, we had our first meeting for our MISSON IMPOSSIBLE, to gather information and ideas and define the general context of the event.

With respect to the wishes of people, we had a football match with the young people of Prespa in the football pitch of the nearest village. It was quite a nice experience to join activity with young people. For the people who wonder,  the score was: 3-3…

And at the end of the day it was time for the Pool Party. We went to a cute and small hospitable hotel, that had a nice pool and a bar. All of the people joined in and enjoyed the party! Some of them, even went for  a midnight swim in the pool!

As the days go by,  we really try to make the best of every remaining day!


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day 5: Walk to Agios Germanos, presentation of campaining methods


Laimos, Prespa.

After breakfast, the people that spent the night at the lake returned to the hotel after a long and enjoyable night. Then, we had a nice walk to Agios Germanos for about 1 hour. This village is the only village in the Greek Prespa region that has preserved all of the old stone houses. From the mountain, we watched the beautiful view of the landscape of Prespa. It was amazing! We collected tasty blackberries from trees, bought some of drinks and enjoyed the nature.

On our way back, we visited the church, and the information centre for local fauna and flora. In the village, some people were selling honey and beans.


After having lunch, chatting and smiling, we played an attractive game in the library as an energizer.Then, Daniel, the spanish CTP volunteer, made a presentation about “Methods of Campaining”.We formed groups, where we had to use one or more of the methods (leaflet,direct action,make a demonstration and so on) to campaign for a specific problem. It was a very useful activity, as we had the chance to discuss, collaborate and create something together.


Visit our Gallery on Flickr here
and watch us online via Ustream here on Saturday 12:00 – 14:00 p.m

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day 4: Art workshop and Megali Prespa lake


Laimos, Prespa.

Sunday was an extremely creative and eventful day. It set off with the documentary “Memorias del Saqueo”, a 2003 award winning film by Fernando E. Solanas, that focuses on the poverty and the revolt of the Argentineans, during the so-called mafiocracy that ruled the country under Menem and De la Rua, which lead to the privatization of many national companies.

After a great lunch under the vine leaves, we regrouped for an artistic workshop, where the text group – that’s us – was given the task to come up with a small theater play. Discussions went underway and the idea of presenting a wealthy person being stripped down from it’s goods and the material surrounding him, such as his telephone and books, down to his food, water and clothing, was materialized in a 5 minutes long play that was presented along with some wordings explaining how people around the world lack even the materials for their basic needs. This obtained the biggest round of applause from the other participants.

A quick dinner and preparations for the night excursion to the lake Megali Prespa went on, with people carrying jackets and tents to sleep overnight on the lake shores.

A campfire, a guitar, and the stars above set the lovely atmosphere of the night, that flew by full of laugh and relaxation after a creative day.

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